Helpful tips when selling your home yourself

Anyone can do it and the savings are immense when you use creative ways to sell your house.


First, you must first decide on the value of the home.
What price should I sell it for? – (the seller asks)
What price is a fair price to pay? – (the buyer asks)

There is no magic to deciding upon the proper price, but here are a few tips:
Look through the current real estate listings on your computer for your area.
Review recent transactions in your area online by visiting
Look through the realtors’ magazines that are distributed at the local supermarkets. There you will find as good an indication of the value of your house as anyone can provide for you.

Try to take the emotions out of your decision.  You may have strong, positive memories in your home.  These don’t translate into a higher value for the person looking to buy your home.

After deciding on a price, list it. Enlist the help of the websites which are available to you such as, a highly recommended website for both buyers and sellers.  Find a site that enables you to list your property in the Multiple Listing Service (MLS).

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FSBO Selling Tips | Home Sale Services, Inc | FSBO Legal Assistance


When selling a house – clean it up. New paint can make it sparkle, but use neutral colors. A buyer doesn’t want to spend the extra money after settlement to make improvements and the house will sell quicker and for more money if it is clean, bright and fresh.

Declutter and unpersonalize it.  Remove boxes, clutter and out-of-season clothes.  Remove personal photos from the walls.  You want the buyer to picture themselves living in your home -not looking at pictures of you living there.


Entering into a contract for the Agreement of Sale is the most complicated and technically difficult aspect of the process. That is where Home Sale Services, Inc. can assist you. That’s where our expertise resides. We help you design this contract and protect your interests in the sale or purchase of the home. This sale or purchase, on many occasions, represents the largest outlay of money that you will make in your lifetime. Protect it. See Agreement of Sale.

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Every sale needs a title company. The bank or mortgage company won’t give you a mortgage without having title insurance. The buyer chooses the title company and must pay for the title insurance. The title company provides a place to hold the settlement. They apportion the taxes to the date of settlement.

The title company insures that the title to your real estate is free from any claims affecting your ownership. It protects you from judgments, mechanics liens, boundary line disputes, unpaid taxes and other concealed problems like forgery or other frauds.

Use the internet and other marketing tools for FSBO. The internet has websites which provide extensive exposure for sellers and buyers.

  • Put up a sign.
  • Advertise in the local paper and online.
  • Leverage Social Media platforms
  • Always use well-lit pictures (remove any clutter prior to taking photos; clear counters).
  • Create an information sheet that you can distribute to those who come to visit.
FSBO Marketing Tips | Home Sale Services, Inc | FSBO Legal Assistance

Selling & Showing Tips

You have two goals when selling your home; Sell it Fast and Sell it for Top Dollar.  Key to meeting both these goals is how well your home shows when a potential buyer walks through it.  Utilize the following tips to make sure your home shows well.


Open blinds, drapes and shutters to let natural light in. (make sure windows are clean) Turn on all lights just prior to a showing.

Remove Clutter

Too much clutter will make the potential buyer think your home is too small.  Remove extra clothing from closets.  Clean off kitchen counters to show off the counter space. Place boxes and extra furniture in a storage unit.


Remove dirty towels, make sure the sinks are clean, and that the toilet seat is clean and closed. Clean the shower glass or hang up a new shower curtain.


Make sure laundry is hidden, toys are picked up, floors clean and vacuumed, and dirty dishes are nowhere to be seen.


Leverage your potential buyer’s sense of smell, and make them envision your house as a home by baking cookies or simmering cinnamon sticks. (Make sure to pick up prior to the showing)


Apply a fresh coat of paint.  Cover bold colors with neutral ones. Touch up any marks.  Buyers don’t want to see future projects – they want to see something they can move into and enjoy