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Home Sale Services specializes in the preparation of agreements of sale for home buyers and sellers. More and more people are selling and buying homes without using a realtor, however, the Agreement of Sale is the most complicated and most important document in every real estate transaction. It’s very important that it is prepared by a professional.

As attorneys who have specialized in real estate law for over 20 years, we have the expertise to cover all possible contingencies and make sure our clients are protected under the agreement.

Instead of a percentage of your sale price, we charge a low flat fee of just $950 to prepare an Agreement of Sale.

Agreement of Sale:
The most important document of the real estate transaction.
Seller’s Property Disclosure Statement:
Required by Pennsylvania.

Avoid the Risks!

The Home Sale Services Agreement of Sale covers all aspects of the sale, including such items as mandatory inspection contingencies, risk of loss, default provisions, settlement cost responsibilities and credits, and items excluded from the sale, just to name a few.

The Agreement of Sale protects your interests, whether you are the buyer or the seller of real estate.

If you are the seller, it means that the buyer must fulfill his obligations and follow through with the obligations and terms of the agreement.

If you are the buyer, it ensures you will get what you bargained for – that the house is structurally sound, that you’ll get your deposit back if you can’t get a mortgage, that you’ll be able to sell your house before buying the new one, and so forth.